Hillsborough County Real Estate Big Picture May 2014


For Sale vs. Sold:

May 2014 is a Neutral market*

Home For Sale in May 2014: 6479 units.

Up 0.6% compared to the last month
Up 50.7% compared to the last year

Home Closed in May 2014: 1819 units.

Up 1.4% compared to the last month
Down 10.8% compared to the last year

Home Placed under Contract in May 2014: 2424 units.

Up 8.6% compared to the last month
Up 10.8% compared to the last year

Graph Link Here: http://post2web.trendgraphix.com/FactsAndTrends/Post2Web.aspx?FtId=b574fc60-09fe-4fc2-912e-ab11a1638650

Days on Market — Sold/List Price %

May 2014 Average Days on Market trend Remains Steady*

Average Days on Market in May 2014: 71

Down 2.7% compared to the last month
Up 10.9% compared to the last year

May 2014 Sold/Original List Price Ratio Remains Steady*

Sold/Original List Price % in May 2014: 93%

0% compared to the last month
Down 2.1% compared to the last year

Graph Link Here: http://post2web.trendgraphix.com/FactsAndTrends/Post2Web.aspx?FtId=149e0ca8-447d-4861-a22f-7d1e997a24a4

Months of Inventory:

May 2014 is a Neutral market*

Months of Inventory based on Closed Sales in May 2014: 3.6

Down 0.8% compared to the last month
Up 69% compared to the last year

Graph Link Here: http://post2web.trendgraphix.com/FactsAndTrends/Post2Web.aspx?FtId=b5ecc6b8-d26d-4afc-bcd9-9fe7774d32b3