In their words….

“I am so happy that I am fortunate enough to have David as my realtor. David is such a honest and polite agent that I believe not many people like him exist in the realtor market. He always looks out for my best interest even if it would cost him a deal. He is not pushy to make a sell. Plus, he is very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend David Plourde to anyone who really wants an honest realtor. If you are looking for someone who would go out of their way to find your dream property, then David is your man. Thank you David for your dedication and service !!! you are awesome !!” — Aaron Pham, Tampa FL.

“David is truly The Property Chef because he puts all the ingredients for a perfect home buying experience together seamlessly. First, he has an awesome sense of humor and made the home buying process FUN! Second, he told me everything I never knew about Tampa, from Gasparilla, to Ybor’s cigars, to beaches, to malls to, well you name it and he knew about it! And third, not only did I learn about Tampa while shopping for homes, I had lots of laughs! (LOTS!) Also, and extremely important to any buyer, was the business end of things. Everything went seamlessly and I attribute this to the fact that David “knows his stuff!” He is detail oriented, quick to respond to all calls and emails, in touch with experts in the field of finance and home inspection and EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the Tampa area, real estate market and the home buying/selling process. David also has integrity. He put me in touch with a home inspector who was extremely thorough. It would be easier and more advantageous for a realtor to recommend a lax or lenient home inspector, or one who conveniently overlooked red flag issues so a sale could be made and a commision more easily earned. The inspector David recommended went through the house with a fine tooth comb and I feel he found every little thing which was a problem or could possibly even become a problem. Because of this inspection, I truly understood everything about the property I was about to purchase. After inspection, David strongly advocated with the seller for the repairs I wanted and these repairs were agreed upon and completed. David also recommended a lender who was equally as meticulous and knowledgeable. I was confident going into the closing that nothing unexpected would arise and the closing process would go smoothly. If you’ve ever purchased a home before, you will know a smooth closing is often not the case, however mine was perfect. David’s attention to detail was incredible. He also kept in touch with me every few days by phone and/or e-mail to update me on how everything was progressing and to see if I needed any assistance with any aspect of the process. David is truly THE Property Chef and if you’re looking for the best realtor you will ever work with, and you want to actually have FUN while purchasing a home, then choose him to be your realtor.” — Jan Hodge, Tampa FL.

“David helped me buy a property from an online auction site and provided substantial guidance through the entire process. He handled all of the communication with the various seller’s agents, transaction coordinators, closing coordinators, and title company. He was always very responsive to my questions and concerns, and advocated for me when necessary. He was always very professional and helpful.” — Bonnie Goldstein, Brandon FL.

” David was on top of things even before we signed him on to sell the house. He was with us every step of the way, and most importantly got the house sold and closed expeditiously. I highly recommend his services.” — John Kay, Palm Harbor  FL.

“I have watched David as he has become a leader in the real estate field. He always puts his clients needs first and many times will look outside the box to achieve their needs. He always goes the extra mile and is an absolute pleasure to work with.. If you’re not sure what you are looking for David has great knowledge of surrounding areas and is there to please. I highly recommend David Plourde if you are selling, relocating , investing or buying, he can serve you in all your needs.” — Dr. Linda Katz, Tampa FL.